Group Leader

Research Scientist

Justin Little, Ph.D.

Project Coordinator

Samantha Fields, MPH

Postdoctoral Researchers

Mürsel Karadas, Ph.D.
Russell Chan, Ph.D.
Théo Lemaire, PhD

Graduate Students

Sarah Shaykevich, BS
Darnel Theagene, MS
Ezra Guralnik, BS

Research Associates and Technicians

Mo Eltaeb, BS
Sukriti Ghosh, BS
Royce Lee, BS
Pavan Veeramreddy, MS
Marco Petrozzi, BS
Sarah Haiken, BA

Rotation and Project Students

Mrinalini Singh, BS
Eric Hu, BS

Undergraduate Students

Aryan Jain, BS
Patrick Feng, BS


Calvin Zhao                     Project student

Bianca Migliori               Postdoctoral Researcher

Asher Varon                    Research Associate

Nikita Kedia                    Research Associate

Celia Gellman        Project Student

Ben Stetler                      Research Associate

Hetince Zhao                 Research Associate

Nina Singh                     Project Student

Chandni Rana               Research Associate

Quinn Stewart              Research Associate

Shani Rosen                 PhD Student

Mila Prendes               Master’s Student

Behnam Tayebi           Postdoctoral Researcher

Liron McLey                 PhD Student

Diego Asua                  Research Associate

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