Welcome to the NYU Neural Interface Engineering Laboratory, directed by Prof. Shy Shoham

Our work is at the interface of neuroscience and engineering. We pursue the development and application of modern neural interfaces for applications requiring observation and/or control of activity patterns in large numbers of locations in parallel. Our primary tools are custom optical systems combining multiphoton imaging capability with patterned photo-stimulation. These systems are used in conjunction with single- and multi-unit electrophysiological techniques and advanced signal processing methods.

Our current studies focus on:

  • Patterned photo- and acousto- stimulation.
  • Optical methods for monitoring neural population activity.
  • Computational methods for control and analysis of neural activity.

Research students in the laboratory get extensive hands-on experience in opto-mechanical system design, Matlab and LabView based data acquisition and control software, neurophysiological experimentation and signal/image processing.